About Us

At Stylords, we offer a wide variety of unique and fashion forward leather footwear. We are one of the best retail manufacturers in the United States of America. We highly value our customers and do our best to offer them the most fashionable & comfortable footwear. Our company has created an ideal way to interact and conduct business smoothly and effectively for buyers and sellers across the USA.

We offer a selection of retail leather shoes of premium quality at the best price. We are the best retail shoes manufacturers in USA with a wide range of products, a custom buying experience and a team of people that knows the needs of your organization.

We will continue to grow and serve with a customer base that is distributed throughout the US. Various famous leather shoe companies and shoe stores, retail outlets as well as online stores purchase our retail shoes in bulk quantities.

With a team of highly experienced & hardworking employees, we have been achieving our targets and making this brand bigger each day. Specializing in leather footwear, we choose only brands crafted according to the best in shoemaking tradition and perfect style. This is why the people who buy our models will always have the guarantee of a well-made product, with highest quality raw materials and that unmistakable touch of irresistible design.


Everything we do has an impact on the world around us and we understand this and we believe it's our responsibility to leave behind the best possible world for our future generations to enjoy. We're working hard to make that happen by making shoes in a way to leave minimal carbon footprint.

At Stylords we are just starting with our sustainability journey. From the materials we make use of to our factories, distribution center and offices, we're looking meticulously at every aspect of our supply chain to find areas that can be addressed and improved.

As we set out on this mission, we have pledged to never simply pay lip service to the cause. We are committed to this rounded, transparent, and authentic approach to sustainability and to the setting and sticking to our concrete goals. At Stylords we are determined to reduce our impact on the environment, and eventually reach our goal of producing shoes that leave the minimum carbon footprint possible.