How To Check The Quality Of Leather Shoes

How To Check The Quality Of Leather Shoes

Posted by Puru Arora

Today people look to another’s shoes to determine the status and wealth of a person. Wearing good quality shoes indicates the wealthiness of a person. So, nowadays one of the most important aspects of shoes is that you must ensure it has certain qualities so you know you are buying a good shoe that adds character to your outfits. 


Innovation in shoes has enabled us to make shoes are known for their durability and premium quality. Today there are a number of brands, manufacturers and e-commerce companies offering leather shoes mentioned as best quality at a very cheap price and normal customers suffer since they are not guided well and, therefore, buy low-grade leather shoes. Many companies befool customers in this way. So, we have listed some methods and tricks by which you can easily ensure the quality of your leather shoes.

Check the quality of leather used for manufacturing of the shoe -

     The quality of leather impacts the look, feel and durability of your shoes.

  • Full-grain leather: Full-grain leather is the top grade leather used for making the shoe, In these type of shoes, the entire upper layer of the hide is used as it is without any modification or correction.
  • Top-grain leather: Top-grain leather is the next quality level of the leather shoe, this is also as the full-grain leather but sanded in order to remove surface imperfection and make it look shinier and smoother.
  • After using the top layer the rest is called corrected grain/genuine leather which is treated with chemicals and other processes to make it look shinier and feel smoother.

Stitched outsoles: Stitched outsoles are better and last longer than other pasting and glued shoes.

Visible skin pores: Visible skin pores on the leather are the indication of good quality.

High cost: Using high-quality leather and making processes add up to a high cost, so offering cheap quality leather shoes is a bad indication.


Shoes are an investment and therefore one should invest in quality shoes as they last long. If you skimp on quality, over time your shoes will lose their form and start looking cheap. It’s better to buy a product that is durable rather than a product that will force you to buy again in a short time. So invest in quality shoes and you’ll never be disappointed!